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Technical Report Series provides a dated archive of DA-IICT research. It includes technical documents like work in progress, early versions of results that are eventually published in more traditional media, and supplemental information such as long proofs, software documentation, code listings, or elaborated examples.

These are hosted on a separate server and are accessible through campus-wide network. To access this collection, click on the title of the report and give your login ID and Password (provided by the Institute to access resources on the campus).

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  1. Integration of restful services in an agro-advisory system
    By Aakash Goyal
    Report No: TR0379

  2. Carrier recovery using costas loop for use in software defined radio
    By Abhijit Tukaram Patil
    Report No: TR0380

  3. Analysis of voice biometric attacks: detection of synthetic vs. natural speech
    By Adarsa S.
    Report No: TR0381

  4. Fully digital ultra low power capacitive sensor interface
    By Ankitkumar P. Savaliya
    Report No: TR0382

  5. Vowel landmark Detection for speech recognition
    By Ankur G. Undhad
    Report No: TR0383

  6. Image compression using DCT and compressive sensing(CS) theory
    By Archit Jain
    Report No: TR0384

  7. Structure indexed vertical partition query execution for RDF data
    By Bhavik Shah
    Report No: TR0385

  8. Estimating depth from monocular video under varying illumination
    By Bhuvaneswari Sarupuri
    Report No: TR0386

  9. Onthology department and query execution for an agro-advisory system
    By Chetankumar Mordiya
    Report No: TR0387

  10. All-digital delay-line based ultra wide band transmitter architecture in 0.18m CMOS
    By Chirag Rajendrabhai Patel
    Report No: TR0388

  11. Reconstruction of 1-D signal from the understanding version
    By Geethakrishnan P
    Report No: TR0389

  12. Design of custom wireless protocol for signal transmission inside space equipment
    By Hardik Jayesh Sanghani
    Report No: TR0390

  13. Understanding user intent in community question answering
    By Harsh Kaushikbhai Shah
    Report No: TR0391

  14. Secure SQL with access control for database as a service model
    By Jay Dave
    Report No: TR0392

  15. HDL implementation of associative memory based instruction predictor for power reduction
    By Jaydeep Rangani
    Report No: TR0393

  16. HDL implementation of a node of Bayesian polytree inference
    By Jayendra Patel
    Report No: TR0394

  17. Implementation of different branch prediction schemes on FabScalar generated superscalar processor
    By Jayesh Patel
    Report No: TR0395

  18. Design of a low noise amplifier for UWB range of 5.5-8.5 GHz
    By Krunal D. Vyas
    Report No: TR0396

  19. Post-processing of speech signal for prosody modification and improvement
    By Kuldeep Dhoot
    Report No: TR0397

  20. Retrieval of legal documents using query expansion
    By Madhulika Agrawal
    Report No: TR0398

  21. Query optimization of object oriented database through compilation and execution
    By Mihir Khandhar
    Report No: TR0399

  22. Text negation normalization
    By Mohnish Dubey
    Report No: TR0400

  23. Full custom design of a 0.18 micron sub-threshold processor
    By Nirav P. Trivedi
    Report No: TR0401

  24. Fault tolerance schemes for mission critical applications
    By Pradeep Nair
    Report No: TR0402

  25. Data aware hybrid partitioning technique and query execution for RDF data
    By Prashant Rajkotiya
    Report No: TR0403

  26. Tikitaka based attack strategy for soccer simulation 2D
    By Priyanka Jain
    Report No: TR0404

  27. Virtual machine migration for back-end mashup application
    By Raiyani Kashyap
    Report No: TR0405

  28. Numerical identification of handwritten Indian languages
    By Ravi Ashokkumar Nagar
    Report No: TR0406

  29. Estimating depth in a single image by learning through neural network
    By Ronak Kosti
    Report No: TR0407

  30. Precoder design for beamforcing in K-User MIMO interference channel
    By S. Nivedita
    Report No: TR0408

  31. Spectrum sensing in cognitive radio networks
    By Sagar J. Ahir
    Report No: TR0409

  32. Formal semantic simplification of wh-query in English
    By Santosh S. Hosamani
    Report No: TR0410

  33. Performance analysis and comparison of community based node co-operation in mobile social networks
    By Shail Patel
    Report No: TR0411

  34. Adaptive caches: a smart way to reduce leakage power dissipation in cache memories
    By Sharmila Jampani
    Report No: TR0412

  35. Vocal tract length normalization for automatic speech recognition
    By Shubham Sharma
    Report No: TR0413

  36. Pose estimation from one conic correspondence
    By Snehal I. Bhayani
    Report No: TR0414

  37. Identification of an intelligent attacker in ARP spoofing
    By Subhash Kumar Singh
    Report No: TR0415

  38. Performance improvement of an out of order processor by decreasing branch mispredictions
    By Syamala R Krishna Reddy
    Report No: TR0416

  39. HDL implementation and study of ANN architecture mapping onto multiple processing nodes
    By Tejas D. Dalal
    Report No: TR0417

  40. Physical layer security secrecy capacity analysis for multiuser networks using joint SVD-GSVD precoding technique
    By Tripti Tiwari
    Report No: TR0418

  41. Image epitome generation and its applications
    By Twinkle Shah
    Report No: TR0419

  42. Acoustic analysis of musical pillars of vitthala temple, hampi
    By V. K. Lakshmipriya
    Report No: TR0420

  43. Dynamic reconfiguration of cache memories for leakage power reduction
    By Vijaya Rama Raju Kalidindi
    Report No: TR0421

  44. Characterization of NON-ISA factual sentences in English
    By Vishal J. Kansagara
    Report No: TR0422

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