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Technical Report Series provides a dated archive of DA-IICT research. It includes technical documents like work in progress, early versions of results that are eventually published in more traditional media, and supplemental information such as long proofs, software documentation, code listings, or elaborated examples.

These are hosted on a separate server and are accessible through campus-wide network. To access this collection, click on the title of the report and give your login ID and Password (provided by the Institute to access resources on the campus).

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  1. Multiresolution fusion of satellite images and super-resolution of hyper-spectral images
    By Abhishek Kumar Shripat
    Report No: TR0213

  2. Robust and secure watermarking scheme based on singular values replacement
    By Akshay Kumar Gupta
    Report No: TR0214

  3. Resource allocation on infrastructure as a service cloud using policies
    By Amit Nathani
    Report No: TR0215

  4. Relaization of FPGA-based digital controller
    By Amit Patel
    Report No: TR0216

  5. Classification of 3D volume data using finite mixture models
    By Ashish Phophalia
    Report No: TR0217

  6. Design of row decoder for redundant memory cell (SRAM)
    By Ashwini Kumar Mishra
    Report No: TR0218

  7. Eye localization in video: a hybrid approach
    By Bena Kansara
    Report No: TR0219

  8. Transmultiplexer design using different filters
    By Bhavin R Shiyani
    Report No: TR0220

  9. Transaction based verification of discrete wavelet transform ip core using wishbone transactor
    By Birenkumar Patel
    Report No: TR0221

  10. Moment based image segmentation
    By Charu Chawla
    Report No: TR0222

  11. Implementation of high speed serial communication blocks
    By Devang Parekh
    Report No: TR0223

  12. Lifetime analysis of wireless sensor nodes using queuing models
    By Guneshwar Anand
    Report No: TR0224

  13. Adaptive analog line driver using digital tuning
    By Harsh Verdhan Singh
    Report No: TR0225

  14. Channel estimation in OFDM systems
    By Hitesh Rathore
    Report No: TR0226

  15. Negotiation for resource allocation on infrastructure as a service cloud
    By Janki Akhani
    Report No: TR0227

  16. Investigation on multi-band fractal antennas for satellite applications
    By Milind S. Shah
    Report No: TR0228

  17. Ant colony optimization in routing algorithms of mobile ad hoc networks
    By Navneet Agarwal
    Report No: TR0229

  18. Design of the high speed, high accuracy and low power current comparators
    By Neeraj Kumar Chasta
    Report No: TR0230

  19. Bidding strategies for dynamic spectrum allocation
    By Neha Dhumal
    Report No: TR0231

  20. High-performance low-voltage current mirror design
    By Nikunj Gandhi
    Report No: TR0232

  21. Depth from defocus
    By Nilay Khatri
    Report No: TR0233

  22. Design of digital accelerometer based seismic sensor node
    By Nisha Sharma
    Report No: TR0234

  23. Game theory based strategies for cooperation in ad hoc wireless networks
    By Nitin Singh Rajput
    Report No: TR0235

  24. High speed, low offset voltage cmos comparator
    By Parveen Sheikh
    Report No: TR0236

  25. Column decoder for memory redundant cell array
    By Pinky Nahar
    Report No: TR0237

  26. Auto tuning circuit for continuous time filters
    By Rakesh Kumar Nadimenti
    Report No: TR0238

  27. Broadband spectrum estimation using cascaded integrator comb filter
    By Riyazahmed A. Panarwala
    Report No: TR0239

  28. Robust surface coverage using deterministic grid based deployment in wireless sensor networks
    By Rucha Kulkarni
    Report No: TR0240

  29. Test methodology for prediction of analog performance parameters
    By Sandeep Akula
    Report No: TR0241

  30. Bidirectional service composition
    By Sandip Khakhkhar
    Report No: TR0242

  31. Oblique projection operator
    By Shivakrishna Dasi
    Report No: TR0243

  32. Disparity estimation by stereo using particle swarm optimization and graph cuts
    By Sonam Nahar
    Report No: TR0244

  33. State space based channel modelling
    By Swati Nema
    Report No: TR0245

  34. State space based channel modelling
    By Swati Nema
    Report No: TR0246

  35. Object segmentation in still camera videos
    By Sweta A. Pandya
    Report No: TR0247

  36. High speed sample and hold circuit design
    By Varun Kumar Dwivedi
    Report No: TR0248

  37. Radiation analysis of microstrip active (amplifier) and passive (antenna) structures
    By Vivek Dhoot
    Report No: TR0249

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