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The 'Recent Additions' of books are kept on display for reference and consultation for a week. These are normally displayed on every Monday and will remain on display till the end of week. However, they can be reserved when they are on display and will be issued on Saturday between 9.00am and 1.00pm. These weekly lists below provide the information on the latest additions to our collection.

Volume 21 No. 12
Period : 20 - 26 Mar. 2023

Computer science, information & general works (000-099)
  1. C++ programming : an object-oriented approach
  2. by Forouzan, Behrouz A.|005.117 FOR| 033388
    C++ Programming: An Object-Oriented Approach has two primary objectives: Teach the basic principles of programming as outlined in the ACM curriculum for a CS1 class and teach the basic constructs of the C++ language. While C++ is a complex and professional language, experience shows that beginning students can easily understand and use C++.Read more...

Philosophy and Psychology (100-199)
  1. Medieval Philosophy : a new history of western philosophy
  2. by Kenny, Anthony.|180 KEN| 033432
    Sir Anthony Kenny continues his magisterial new history of Western philosophy with a fascinating guide through more than a millennium of thought from 400 AD onwards, charting the story of philosophy from the founders of Christian and Islamic thought through to the Renaissance.Read more...

Social sciences (300-399)
  1. Introducing cultural studies: A graphic guide
  2. by Sardar, Ziauddin.|306 SAR| 033417
    Cultural Studies signals a major academic revolution for the 21st century. But what exactly is it, and how is it applied? It is a discipline that claims not to be a discipline; it is a radical critical approach for understanding racial, national, social and gender identities.Read more...

Natural sciences & mathematics (500-599)
  1. Mathematics rebooted : a fresh approach to understanding
  2. by Alcock, Lara.|510 ALC| 033431
    Would you like to understand more mathematics? Many people would. Perhaps at school you liked mathematics for a while but were then put off because you missed a key idea and kept getting stuck.Read more...

  1. Linear algebra for everyone
  2. by Strang, Gilbert.|512.5 STR| 033418
    Linear algebra has become the subject to know for people in quantitative disciplines of all kinds. No longer the exclusive domain of mathematicians and engineers, it is now used everywhere there is data and everybody who works with data needs to know more.Read more...

Literature & rhetoric (800-899)
  1. Division of the spoils
  2. by Scott, Paul.|823.914 SCO| 033452
    The British Raj in India is in its final days. But the fall of the Empire is both the end of one era and the beginning of another. For the Hindus and Muslims, the political reality signals inevitable post-war recriminations and future territorial wrangles.Read more...

  1. Hour before dawn : a translation of the Assamese novel Antoreep
  2. by Saikia, Bhabendra Nath.|891.451371 SAI| 033438
    se of Assamese society, portrayed with deep understanding and love by a master craftsmanMamoni Raisom Goswami, acclaimed author of The Moth-eaten Howdah of the Tusker and winner of the Jnanpith Award She had given her husband four children, had bared her body and soul to himwhy did he want to remarry? Today, what made him dress in a new silk kurta, become a bridegroom once again, and leave on elephant-back to take another woman as his wife? When Menokas dissolute husband Mohikanto takes a second wife she is devastated by the heedless manner in which he squanders her unquestioning loyalty.Read more...

  1. Dostoevsky: a writer in his time
  2. by Frank, Joseph.|891.733 FRA| 033397
    Joseph Frank’s award-winning, five-volume Dostoevsky is widely recognized as the best biography of the writer in any language—and one of the greatest literary biographies of the past half-century. Now Frank’s monumental, 2,500-page work has been skillfully abridged and condensed in this single, highly readable volume with a new preface by the author.Read more...

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