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The 'Recent Additions' of books are kept on display for reference and consultation for a week. These are normally displayed on every Monday and will remain on display till the end of week. However, they can be reserved when they are on display and will be issued on Saturday between 9.00am and 1.00pm. These weekly lists below provide the information on the latest additions to our collection.

Volume 20 No. 47
Period : 21-27 Nov. 2022

Computer science, information & general works (000-099)
  1. Theory of quantum information
  2. by John Watrous|004.1 WAT| 033023
    This largely self-contained book on the theory of quantum information focuses on precise mathematical formulations and proofs of fundamental facts that form the foundation of the subject. It is intended for graduate students and researchers in mathematics, computer science, and theoretical physics seeking to develop a thorough understanding of key results, proof techniques, and methodologies that are relevant to a wide range of research topics within the theory of quantum information and computation.Read more...

  1. Learning scientific programming with Python
  2. by Christian Hill|005.133 HIL| 033012
    Learn to master basic programming tasks from scratch with real-life, scientifically relevant examples and solutions drawn from both science and engineering. Students and researchers at all levels are increasingly turning to the powerful Python programming language as an alternative to commercial packages and this fast-paced introduction moves from the basics to advanced concepts in one complete volume, enabling readers to gain proficiency quickly.Read more...

  1. Data deduplication approaches : concepts, strategies, and challenges
  2. by Tin Thein Thwel|005.745 THW| 032882
    In the age of data science, the rapidly increasing amount of data is a major concern in numerous applications of computing operations and data storage. Duplicated data or redundant data is a main challenge in the field of data science research.Read more...

Philosophy and Psychology (100-199)
  1. The Theory of Moral Sentiments : Introduced by Amartya Sen
  2. by Adam Smith|170 SMI| 033338
    Best known for his revolutionary free-market economics treatise The Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith was first and foremost a moral philosopher. In his first book, The Theory of Moral Sentiments, he investigated the flip side of economic self-interest: the interest of the greater good.Read more...

  1. Preface to Plato
  2. by Eric A Havelock|184 HAV| 033177
    Plato’s frontal attack on poetry has always been a problem for sympathetic students, who have often minimized or avoided it. Beginning with the premise that the attack must be taken seriously, Eric Havelock shows that Plato’s hostility is explained by the continued domination of the poetic tradition in contemporary Greek thought.Read more...

Social sciences (300-399)
  1. Seeking Begumpura : the social vision of anticaste intellectuals
  2. by Gail Omvedt|305.51220954 OMV| 032879
    The bhakti radical Ravidas (c 1450–1520), calling himself a ‘tanner now set free’, was the first to envision an Indian utopia in his song “Begumpura”—a modern casteless, classless, tax-free city without sorrow. This was in contrast to the dystopia of the brahmanic Kaliyuga.Read more...

  1. Political and social theory of Max Weber : collected essays
  2. by Wolfgang J Mommsen|306.2 MOM| 033274
    The book concentrates upon Weber's engagement with political issues and their influence over his more theoretical concepts. Mommsen offers a critical analysis of Weber's notion of democracy and provides a thorough assessment of Weber's views of socialism against the backcloth of German Social Democracy.Read more...

Natural sciences & mathematics (500-599)
  1. Hopf algebras and Galois module theory
  2. by Lindsay Childs|512.55 CHI| 033175
    The book is divided into two parts. Part I is more algebraic and focuses on Hopf-Galois structures on Galois field extensions, as well as the connection between this topic and the theory of skew braces. Part II is more number theoretical and studies the application of Hopf algebras to questions of integral module structure in extensions of local or global fields.Read more...

  1. Probable impossibilities : musings on beginnings and endings
  2. by Alan Lightman|523.1 LIG| 033130
    The acclaimed author of Einstein’s Dreams tackles “big questions like the origin of the universe and the nature of consciousness … in an entertaining and easily digestible way” (Wall Street Journal) with a collection of meditative essays on the possibilities—and impossibilities—of nothingness and infinity, and how our place in the cosmos falls somewhere in between.Read more...

  1. Computational statistical physics
  2. by Lucas Bottcher|530.13 BOT| 033139
    Providing a detailed and pedagogical account of the rapidly-growing field of computational statistical physics, this book covers both the theoretical foundations of equilibrium and non-equilibrium statistical physics, and also modern, computational applications such as percolation, random walks, magnetic systems, machine learning dynamics, and spreading processes on complex networks.Read more...

Technology (Applied sciences) (600-699)
  1. Measuring electronics and sensors : basics of measurement technology, sensors, analog and digital signal processing
  2. by Herbert Bernstein|621.381548 BER| 033050
    The book gives an insight into today's operational measurement technology including analysis technology, without claiming to be complete. For the student, the book is an introduction in addition to the relevant textbooks and manuals. It gives the engineer in the profession a quick overview of measurement methods and instruments not familiar to him.Read more...

The Arts (700-799)
  1. Mage Merlin's unsolved mathematical mysteries
  2. by Satyan Linus Devadoss|793.74 DEV| 033330
    ost people think of mathematics as a set of useful tools designed to answer analytical questions, beginning with simple arithmetic and ending with advanced calculus. But, as Mage Merlin's Unsolved Mathematical Mysteries shows, mathematics is filled with intriguing mysteries that take us to the edge of the unknown. This richly illustrated, story-driven volume presents sixteen of today's greatest unsolved mathematical puzzles, all understandable by anyone with elementary math skills.Read more...

Literature & rhetoric (800-899)
  1. Inward turn of narrative
  2. by Erich Kahler|809.3 KAH| 032903
    Erich Kahler sees cultural history as a subtle process in which reality plays upon consciousness and consciousness itself is forever transforming reality. He traces the ebb and flow of this relationship by studying changes in narrative form from its beginnings in the Gilgamesh Cycle to the end of the eighteenth century.Read more...

  1. Curious enlightenment of professor Caritat : a novel of ideas
  2. by Steven Lukes|823.92 LUK| 033212
    The Curious Enlightenment of Professor Caritat is a brilliant fictional excursion through Western political philosophy from one of our most original thinkers. Professor Caritat, a middle-aged Candide, walks naively from his native land to the neighbouring countries of Utilitaria, Communitaria, and Libertaria on a quest to find the best of all possible worlds.Read more...

  1. Greatest Gujarati stories ever told
  2. by Rita Kothari|891.473 KOT| 033280
    The twenty-three stories in The Greatest Gujarati Stories Ever Told represent some of the finest short fiction in Gujarati literature. Selected and edited by translator and writer Rita Kothari, this collection features established literary masters such as K. M. Munshi, Dhumketu, Himanshi Shelat, Dalpat Chauhan, Nazir Mansuri, and Mona Patrawalla, as well as accomplished new voices such as Panna Trivedi, Abhimanyu Acharya, Raam Mori, and others.Read more...

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