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The 'Recent Additions' of books are kept on display for reference and consultation for a week. These are normally displayed on every Monday and will remain on display till the end of week. However, they can be reserved when they are on display and will be issued on Saturday between 9.00am and 1.00pm. These weekly lists below provide the information on the latest additions to our collection.

Volume 19 No. 47
Period : 22 - 28 November 2021

Computer science, information & general works (000-099)
  1. Compiler design
  2. by K. Muneeswaran|005.453 MUN| 032628
    Compiler Design is designed as a textbook for undergraduate and postgraduate students of engineering (computer science and information technology) and computer applications. It seeks to provide a thorough understanding of the design and implementation aspects of a compiler.Read more...

Philosophy and Psychology (100-199)
  1. Thinking without banisters : essays in understanding, 1954-1975
  2. by Hannah Arendt|191 ARE| 032612
    Hannah Arendt was born in Germany in 1906 and lived in America from 1941 until her death in 1975. Thus her life spanned the tumultuous years of the twentieth century, as did her thought.Read more...

Social sciences (300-399)
  1. Democracy and fake news : information manipulation and post-truth politics
  2. by Serena Giusti ed.|302.23 GIU| 032630
    This book explores the challenges that disinformation, fake news, and post-truth politics pose to democracy from a multidisciplinary perspective. The authors analyse and interpret how the use of technology and social media as well as the emergence of new political narratives has been progressively changing the information landscape, undermining some of the pillars of democracy.Read more...

Natural sciences & mathematics (500-599)
  1. Number theory meets wireless communications
  2. by Victor Beresnevich ed.|512.7 BER| 032635
    This volume explores the rich interplay between number theory and wireless communications, reviewing the surprisingly deep connections between these fields and presenting new research directions to inspire future research.Read more...

Literature & rhetoric (800-899)
  1. India a story through 100 objects
  2. by Vidya Dehejia|745.0954 DEH| 032616
    Our everyday life is dictated by objects, more than we realize. These objects speak to, and about us. They often reflect our values, aspirations, our achievements, and dreams. This richly illustrated book focuses on 100 objects that narrate the story of India, which unravels in a series of thematic sections.Read more...

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