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The 'Recent Additions' of books are kept on display for reference and consultation for a week. These are normally displayed on every Monday and will remain on display till the end of week. However, they can be reserved when they are on display and will be issued on Saturday between 9.00am and 1.00pm. These weekly lists below provide the information on the latest additions to our collection.

Volume 19 No. 18
Period : 03 May - 09 May 2021

Computer science, information & general works (000-099)
  1. Handbook of machine learning volume 1 : foundation of artificial intelligence
  2. by Tshilidzi Marwala|006.31 MAR| 032365
    This is a comprehensive book on the theories of artificial intelligence with an emphasis on their applications. It combines fuzzy logic and neural networks, as well as hidden Markov models and genetic algorithmRead more...

Philosophy and Psychology (100-199)
  1. Introduction to probability and inductive logic
  2. by Ian Hacking|160 HAC| 032441
    This is an introductory 2001 textbook on probability and induction written by one of the world's foremost philosophers of science. The book has been designed to offer maximal accessibility to the widest range of students (not only those majoring in philosophy) and assumes no formal training in elementary symbolic logic.Read more...

Religion (200-299)
  1. Secularism and its critics
  2. by Rajeev Bhargava|211.6 BHA| 032492
    This book puts together the most important contemporary writings in the debate on secularism. It deals with conceptual, normative and explanatory issues in secularism and addresses urgent questions, including the relevance of secularism to non-Western societies and the question of minority rightsRead more...

Social sciences (300-399)
  1. Idea of a critical theory : Habermas and the Frankfurt School
  2. by Raymond Geuss|301.01 GEU| 032500
    Habermas and earlier members of the Frankfurt School have presented critical theory as a radically new form of knowledge. It is differentiated from the natural sciences as essentially 'reflective': the knowledge it provides guides us towards enlightenment as to our true interests, and emancipation from often unsuspected forms of external and internal coercionRead more...

  1. Emotion, affective practices and the past in the present
  2. by Laurajane Smith|363.69 SMI| 032363
    Emotion, Affective Practices, and the Past in the Present is a response to debates in the humanities and social sciences about the use of emotion. This timely and unique book explores the ways emotion is embroiled and used in contemporary engagements with the pastRead more...

Natural Sciences & Mathematics (500-599)
  1. Modeling in fluid mechanics : instabilities and turbulence
  2. by Igor Gaissinski|532.0015118 GAI| 032319
    This volume is dedicated to modeling in fluid mechanics and is divided into four chapters, which contain a significant number of useful exercises with solutions. The authors provide relatively complete references on relevant topics in the bibliography at the end of each chapter.Read more...

Technology Applied Sciences (600-699)
  1. Finite element simulations using ANSYS
  2. by Esam M. Alawadhi|620.00151825 ALA| 032306
    The complexity of modern-day problems in mechanical engineering makes relying on pure theory or pure experiment impractical at best and time-consuming and unwieldy at worst. And for a large class of engineering problems writing computer codes from scratch is seldom found in practice. Use of reputableRead more...

Literature & rhetoric (800-899)
  1. Three innocents and ors : Chughtai on childhood
  2. by Ismat Chughtai|891.439871 CHU| 032344
    This delightful anthology offers us a rare glimpse into a less known aspect of Ismat Chughtai's writing – the warmth, humour and affection with which she writes on childhood. Shedding all the certainties of an adult she steps into a child's shoes, looks upon the world with an unjaundiced eyeRead more...

Geography & Historyn (900-999)
  1. Aryan debate : debates in indian history and society
  2. by Thomas R. Trautmann|934 TRA| 032275
    Part of the prestigious Debate series, this book brings together aa selection of pioneering essays. The introduction spells out the extremely topical Aryan debate. The central question behind this selection is, did the Sanskrit-speaking Aryans enter India from the Northwest in 1500 BCRead more...

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