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The Resource Centre (RC) is no longer just a physical collection of printed materials located within a building. Many resources are now available electronically and can be accessed from beyond the RC walls. Presently, Resource Centre provides online access to the following four major digital resources on the campus network. These resources are unique and are of high quality in nature and content. They are considered best among the academic and research community in the information and communication technology discipline.

IEL Online Library
  • IEL provides a single source to almost a third of the world's current electronics, communication, computer science and information technology literature published by IEEE & IEE.

  • Covers more than three-million full-text documents from some of the world's most highly cited publications in electrical engineering, computer science and electronics. More than two-million documents are in robust, dynamic HTML format including

    • IEEE journals, transactions, and magazines, including early access documents
    • IEEE conference proceedings
    • IET journals
    • IET conference proceedings
    • IEEE published standards
    • IEEE Standards Dictionary Online

  • To access this database, please visit IEL Online Library.

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ITU Publications
  • International Telecommunication Union's Telecommunication Recommendations (formerly known as CCITT standards) is the online collection of the electronic versions of the ITU Recommendations in force. Over 2,600 Recommendations (full-text documents) are accessible in two formats: MS Word and Adobe Acrobat PDF format.
  • To access full-text standards requires User ID and Password. Please contact Circulation desk for further information and assistance or send a mail to RCServices.
  • URL of this site is ITU Publications.

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USENIX: the Advanced Computing Systems Association's Conference Proceedings and Compendium of Best Papers
  • Resource Centre is an Institutional member of the USENIX: the Advanced Computing Systems Association. As a part of membership, the proceedings of USENIX conferences, symposia, and workshops are all available for online access from 1993 to the present. The compendium of best papers, featuring the best paper awards selected by the Program committees for each USENIX conference, are also available for online access. For accessing most of the papers you may not need login ID and Password. Wherever these are required, you may kindly contact the RC team.
  • The URL to access Publications from USENIX.

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