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Technical Report Series provides a dated archive of DA-IICT research. It includes technical documents like work in progress, early versions of results that are eventually published in more traditional media, and supplemental information such as long proofs, software documentation, code listings, or elaborated examples.

These are hosted on a separate server and are accessible through campus-wide network. To access this collection, click on the title of the report and give your login ID and Password (provided by the Institute to access resources on the campus).

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  1. Performance analysis of diffServ multicast (DSMCast) for heterogeneous multicast receivers
    By Amee Bhatt
    Report No: TR0001

  2. Integrated receiver front-end: system level architectures and design Issues for CDMA based applications
    By Ashish Kumar Sharma
    Report No: TR0002

  3. A study of MPLS traffic engineering with constraint-based routing
    By Bhavesh Modi
    Report No: TR0003

  4. Speech enhancement using microphone array for hands-free speech applications
    By Chirag Vishwas Vichare
    Report No: TR0004

  5. Convert communication in TCP/IP network
    By Dheeraj Tandon
    Report No: TR0005

  6. Voronoi diagram modelling for wireless ad-hoc sensor network coverage
    By G. Srinu Babu
    Report No: TR0006

  7. Design and implementation of network intrusion detection system
    By Gaurav Jindal
    Report No: TR0007

  8. Technique to improve revocation mechanism and enhancement of CAs services
    By Grishma D. Thacker
    Report No: TR0008

  9. Design of frequency synthesizable delay locked loop
    By Hardik K. Shah
    Report No: TR0009

  10. Performance analysis of MPEG traffic under deficit round robin scheduler
    By Hardik N. Bavishi
    Report No: TR0010

  11. Study and development of computer aided tool for transceiver system design
    By Hiral D. Oza
    Report No: TR0011

  12. Classification of quantum cryptography
    By Jaykumari Acharya
    Report No: TR0012

  13. A hybrid approach to speech recognition in multi-speaker environment
    By Jigish S. Trivedi
    Report No: TR0013

  14. Design of CMOS front end for 900MHz RF receiver
    By Jitendra Prabhakar Hashey
    Report No: TR0014

  15. Chaotic communication system for IEEE 802.11b (WLAN)
    By Lalitkrushna Jagdishchandra Thakar
    Report No: TR0015

  16. Physical and logical mobility of CORBA servants under intermittent connectivity nomadic environments
    By Mayank Mishra
    Report No: TR0016

  17. Processor allocation for parallel applications in computing cluster
    By Mrugesh R. Gajjar
    Report No: TR0017

  18. Design and implementation of a framework for context aware mobile services
    By Nikhil Jain
    Report No: TR0018

  19. Design and implementation of a framework for context aware mobile services
    By Nitin Saksena
    Report No: TR0019

  20. Representation theory in signal processing: some connections through GAP
    By Parth Dixit
    Report No: TR0020

  21. Energy efficient secret aggregation for wireless sensor networks
    By Pawan K. Jadia
    Report No: TR0021

  22. Incorporation of mobility model of nodes in zone routing protocol for mobile Ad hoc wireless networks
    By Ravi Chander Vipperla
    Report No: TR0022

  23. Design and analysis of Anergy aware protocol- MPEARLE
    By S. Mythili
    Report No: TR0023

  24. Design of architecture of artificial neural network
    By Sajajd S. Rahi
    Report No: TR0024

  25. Design of AHB-Wishbone bridge
    By Shailesh Mistry
    Report No: TR0025

  26. Space-time coding techniques for multiple antenna communications
    By Shakti Prasad Shenoy
    Report No: TR0026

  27. On wavelets and fractal modulation
    By Shalin Mehta
    Report No: TR0027

  28. An improved algorithms for modular multiplication and its application to block cipher RC6
    By Shivani Agarwal
    Report No: TR0028

  29. A fractal based approach for face recognition
    By Suprita S. Athale
    Report No: TR0029

  30. A fractal based approach for image segmentation
    By Tushar Londhe
    Report No: TR0030

  31. Automated categorization of structured documents
    By V.S.R. Krishna Nallagorla
    Report No: TR0031

  32. A novel approach for localization in ad-hoc sensor networks
    By Vishal Desai
    Report No: TR0032

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