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Technical Report Series provides a dated archive of DA-IICT research. It includes technical documents like work in progress, early versions of results that are eventually published in more traditional media, and supplemental information such as long proofs, software documentation, code listings, or elaborated examples.

These are hosted on a separate server and are accessible through campus-wide network. To access this collection, click on the title of the report and give your login ID and Password (provided by the Institute to access resources on the campus).

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  1. Study of bayesian learning of system characterisitcs
    By Abhishek Sharma
    Report No: TR0135

  2. Embedding binary trees and caterpillars into the hypercube
    By Abhishek Srivastava
    Report No: TR0136

  3. Design of low voltage, low power, wide band CMOS LC VCO using active inductors
    By Aduru Venkata Raghava Sesha Sai
    Report No: TR0137

  4. A High-speed 512-point FFT single-chip processor architecture
    By Ajay Kumar Sinha
    Report No: TR0138

  5. Design of high speed I/O buffer
    By Akhil Rathore
    Report No: TR0139

  6. Low cost design of IFFT module for dolby AC-3 decoder
    By Akshay Kumar Gupta
    Report No: TR0140

  7. Web services policy in grid
    By Amee Anilbhai Desai
    Report No: TR0141

  8. Application of btrees in data mining
    By Amit Srivastava
    Report No: TR0142

  9. Collaborative filtering approach with decision tree technique
    By Amit Srivastava
    Report No: TR0143

  10. Use of collaborative filtering for targeted advertising
    By Ankur Upadhyay
    Report No: TR0144

  11. Single frame super resolution
    By Annamnaidu Sattaru
    Report No: TR0145

  12. An efficient ASIC implementation of advanced encryption standard
    By Ashwini Kumar Joshi
    Report No: TR0146

  13. Spectral estimation using WRLS algorithm for multiband detection
    By Atul Bhatia
    Report No: TR0147

  14. Design of voltage reference circuits
    By Bhavi Panchal
    Report No: TR0148

  15. A 1.5V. 2.4GHz highly linear CMOS downconversion mixer
    By Ch. Uday Kumar
    Report No: TR0149

  16. Use of probabilistic context free grammar for natural language interface for an application
    By Chetan Agarwal
    Report No: TR0150

  17. Adaptive biased switched capacitor filters
    By Garima Bajaj
    Report No: TR0151

  18. Object classification in images using information slicing
    By Hina Shah
    Report No: TR0152

  19. Symbol detection in MIMO systems
    By Kalpana Dhaka
    Report No: TR0153

  20. A tool to find dimension of capacitors for switched capacitor band
    By Kaushal J Doshi
    Report No: TR0154

  21. Multirate signal processing in digital communication
    By Krishna Kumari Arya
    Report No: TR0155

  22. FPGA implementation of image compression algorithm using wavelet transform
    By Nitin Rawat
    Report No: TR0156

  23. Designing of an efficient power clock generation circuit for complementary pass-transistor adiabatic logic carry save multiplier
    By P. Ranjith
    Report No: TR0157

  24. Video compression using color transfer based on motion estimation
    By Pandu Ranga M. Reddy
    Report No: TR0158

  25. Energy efficient data gathering protocol for wireless sensor network
    By Parth A Rao
    Report No: TR0159

  26. Low power SRAM design
    By Prashant Bambhaniya
    Report No: TR0160

  27. Design of low power and high speed decoder for 1Mb memory
    By Punam Sen Gupta
    Report No: TR0161

  28. Design of low voltage high performance voltage controlled oscillator
    By R. Ramesh
    Report No: TR0162

  29. Performance analysis of TCP over enhanced UMTS network
    By Rahul Mathur
    Report No: TR0163

  30. Frequency offset estimation in OFDM signals using particle filtering along with resampling methods
    By Ravishankar V. Jayanthi
    Report No: TR0164

  31. Exploring small world effect in ad hoc network
    By Riddhima Sejpal
    Report No: TR0165

  32. A Queueing-theoretic framework for performance analysis of mobile ad hoc networks with finite buffer nodes
    By Sapan Shah
    Report No: TR0166

  33. Formal analysis of two standardized protocols using strand spaces
    By Shraddha Soni
    Report No: TR0167

  34. Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing synchronization techniques
    By Sivangi Ravikanth
    Report No: TR0168

  35. Effect of channel asymmetry on reputation based cooperation mechanisms in mobile ad-hoc networks
    By Tejas Vasavada
    Report No: TR0169

  36. Improvement of tagged architecture for preventing software vulnerabilities
    By Tejaskumar Shah
    Report No: TR0170

  37. Nonuniform sampling and its reconstruction methodologies
    By Vishal Bhawsar
    Report No: TR0171

  38. Multi band fractal antenna for satellite application
    By Vishalkumar Ramshbhai Kalariya
    Report No: TR0172

  39. FPGA implementation of direct sequence spread spectrum techniques
    By Vivek Kumar Choudhary
    Report No: TR0173

  40. Design of multi-standard RF front end receiver using novel low IF topology
    By Vivek Kumar Pandit
    Report No: TR0174

  41. Design of a CMOS variable gain amplifier
    By Vivek Verma
    Report No: TR0175

  42. Network coding based multicast in delay tolerant networks
    By Zunnun Narmawala
    Report No: TR0176

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