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Technical Report Series provides a dated archive of DA-IICT research. It includes technical documents like work in progress, early versions of results that are eventually published in more traditional media, and supplemental information such as long proofs, software documentation, code listings, or elaborated examples.

These are hosted on a separate server and are accessible through campus-wide network. To access this collection, click on the title of the report and give your login ID and Password (provided by the Institute to access resources on the campus).

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  1. Person identification using face and speech
    By Ajay Parmar
    Report No: TR0294

  2. Forward error correction for software defined radio based on FPGA
    By Amit H Agrawal
    Report No: TR0295

  3. Reducing climate vulnerabilities of cotton farmers in banaskantha (North Gujarat)
    By Amita Sharma
    Report No: TR0296

  4. Modeling and detecting attacks against key agreement protocols
    By Anshu Yadav
    Report No: TR0297

  5. Person identification from their hum with inter-session variability compensation
    By Chirag R Patel
    Report No: TR0298

  6. Analysis of charge injection in a MOS analog switch with impedance on source side
    By D.Srinivas Rao
    Report No: TR0299

  7. SPARQLGen: Generation of SPARQL from pseudo BGP
    By Dipendra Singh Mandloi
    Report No: TR0300

  8. Reduction of power using innovative clock gating & multi Vth techniques in digital design
    By Dushyant Kumar Sharma
    Report No: TR0301

  9. Locality preserving projection : A study and applications
    By Gitam Shikkenawis
    Report No: TR0302

  10. Multiresolution fusion using compressive sensing and graph cuts
    By Harikumar V
    Report No: TR0303

  11. Transaction based verification of multimedia IP
    By Hirav Shah
    Report No: TR0304

  12. FPGA implementation of multiband and multimode modem for software defined radio(SDR)
    By Jaykant Timbadiya
    Report No: TR0305

  13. Zero-aware 6T asymmetrical SRAM cell for low power cache application
    By Khushal V Gondaliya
    Report No: TR0306

  14. SMS query processing for information retrieval
    By Khushboo Shinghal
    Report No: TR0307

  15. Study of the effectiveness of various low power techniques on sequential and combinational gate dominated designs
    By Kunj Rana
    Report No: TR0308

  16. Texton based auto region detection forImage inpainting
    By Manali Vora
    Report No: TR0309

  17. Design of a novel high linearity down conversion mixer for GSM band applications
    By Nikhil N Srinaga
    Report No: TR0310

  18. FPGA implementation of environment/noise classification using neural networks
    By Nikita B Ambasana
    Report No: TR0311

  19. Fingerprint image preprocessing for robust recognition
    By Paridhi Munshi
    Report No: TR0312

  20. Approach to buildmulti-tenant saas application with monitoring and sla
    By Piyush Aghera
    Report No: TR0313

  21. Low complexity 2-level (FFT-GOERTZEL)spectrumsensing method for cognitive radio
    By Prakruti Vinodchandra Bhatt
    Report No: TR0314

  22. Agro-produce marketing: Development of agro-tagger and suggestion generation system
    By Priyanka Joshi
    Report No: TR0315

  23. Feature based approach for singer identification
    By Purushotam G Radadia
    Report No: TR0316

  24. Aplication of compressive sensing to two-way relay channel estimation
    By Rahit R Nair
    Report No: TR0317

  25. Traffic driven topology control for network lifetime maximization
    By Rupesh Agrawal
    Report No: TR0318

  26. Design & layout of a low voltage folding & interpolation ADC for high speed applications
    By Sandeep Kumar Tiwari
    Report No: TR0319

  27. Design of an analog phase shifter at X-band for radar and telecom applications
    By Sandeep Pariyani
    Report No: TR0320

  28. Improvement of RAD technique for detecting reflector based dos attack
    By Shaik Mahaboob Basha
    Report No: TR0321

  29. Enhancement of misbehavior detection scheme for vehicular ad-hoc networks
    By Shefali Jain
    Report No: TR0322

  30. SQL-GQL inter-query translation for google app engine datastore
    By Shyam Kotecha
    Report No: TR0323

  31. Novel 7T SRAM cell design for low power cache applications
    By Srawan Kumar Joshi
    Report No: TR0324

  32. FPGA based platform for spiking neural networks
    By Sujit Dilipkumar Chavada
    Report No: TR0325

  33. Semantic web data management: Data partitioning and query execution
    By Trupti Padiya
    Report No: TR0326

  34. CMOS current-based mixed-signal architecture for vector-matrix multiplication
    By Vaibhav Chhaya
    Report No: TR0327

  35. Design of low power and high speed comparator with DG-MOSFET
    By Venkata Ratnam Bhumireddy
    Report No: TR0328

  36. Carrier recovery in software defined radio (SDR)
    By Vishal N Topiya
    Report No: TR0329

  37. Generating recommendations for agricultural crop production
    By Yash Jain
    Report No: TR0330

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