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Technical Report Series provides a dated archive of DA-IICT research. It includes technical documents like work in progress, early versions of results that are eventually published in more traditional media, and supplemental information such as long proofs, software documentation, code listings, or elaborated examples.

These are hosted on a separate server and are accessible through campus-wide network. To access this collection, click on the title of the report and give your login ID and Password (provided by the Institute to access resources on the campus).

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  1. Issues of computational resource allocation and load balancing in cloud computing using virtualization
    By Abhay Kumar Bhadani
    Report No: TR0177

  2. Analysis and modeling of power distribution network and decoupling network design strategies for high speed digital and analog vlsi system
    By Abhishek Pathak
    Report No: TR0178

  3. Pulse shaping design for PAPR reduction in OFDM
    By Akansha Jain
    Report No: TR0179

  4. Design issues in direct conversion receiver
    By Amit Kumar Gupta
    Report No: TR0180

  5. On size balanced binary search trees
    By Anand Kumar
    Report No: TR0181

  6. 6 Bit 800 MHz time-interleaved analog to digital converter based on successive approximation in 65 nm standard cmos process
    By Arunkumar Salimath
    Report No: TR0182

  7. 10-bit high speed high SFDR current steering DAC
    By Bapodra B. Dhairya
    Report No: TR0183

  8. Design of CDMA transmitter and three finger rake receiver
    By Bhavana Pateriya
    Report No: TR0184

  9. Scalable routing in mobile ad hoc networks
    By Brijesh Patel
    Report No: TR0185

  10. Path complexity of maximum segment sum problem
    By Devesh Mishra
    Report No: TR0186

  11. Scheduling and isolation in virtualization
    By Gaurav Somani
    Report No: TR0187

  12. Low drop-Out (LDO) voltage regulator without off-chip capacitor
    By Gopal Agarwal
    Report No: TR0188

  13. Testbed based experimental analysis of transport protocols over wireless ad hoc networks
    By Harshil Anilkumar Shah
    Report No: TR0189

  14. Statistical co-analysis, robust optimization and diagnosis of USB 2.0 system for signal and power integrity
    By Jai Narayan Tripathi
    Report No: TR0190

  15. Vehicle detection and tracking
    By K. Ramprasad Rao
    Report No: TR0191

  16. Cache performance evaluation in dsr protocol through cross-layering for mobile ad hoc networks
    By Kapil Sharma
    Report No: TR0192

  17. Analysis of address allocation protocols for mobile ad hoc networks
    By Kavan J. Sheth
    Report No: TR0193

  18. Routing game in wireless network
    By Lokesh Borana
    Report No: TR0194

  19. Built-in self test architecture for mixed signal systems
    By Mahavir R. Jain
    Report No: TR0195

  20. 1V rail to rail operational amplifier design for sample & hold circuits
    By Mahesh Kumar
    Report No: TR0196

  21. Wireless sensor network based automatic meter reading : WSNAMR
    By Mahesh R. Sutariya
    Report No: TR0197

  22. Cooperation enforcement mechanisms in wireless adhoc networks
    By Manish Shivshankar Chaturvedi
    Report No: TR0198

  23. Identifying small world network properties in ad-hoc networks
    By Neha Garg
    Report No: TR0199

  24. Particle swarm optimization based synthesis of analog circuits using neural network performance macromodels
    By Neha Saxena
    Report No: TR0200

  25. Path complexity of the class binary search tree
    By Nishant Doshi
    Report No: TR0201

  26. Context aware semantic service discovery
    By Pankesh Patel
    Report No: TR0202

  27. Accurate on-chip current sensing technique for buck converter
    By Priyank Jain
    Report No: TR0203

  28. Comparative study between exponential back off and dynamic waiting strategies for medium access in wireless ad hoc networks
    By Rahul Shah
    Report No: TR0204

  29. Channel estimation and tracking of ofdm and mimo systems
    By Smriti Singh
    Report No: TR0205

  30. Design of the analog front end circuit for x-ray detectors
    By Subhash Chandra Roy
    Report No: TR0206

  31. Executable specification design and simulation of ofdm based communication system
    By Sudhir Kumar Sa
    Report No: TR0207

  32. Self-calibrating technique for digital-to-analog converter in successive approximation register analog-to-digital converter
    By Sujit Kumar Patel
    Report No: TR0208

  33. Design and implementation of 128-point fixed point streaming FFT processor for OFDM Based communication system
    By Sunil Kumar Verma
    Report No: TR0209

  34. Design of multi-band fractal antenna for satellite navigation application
    By Swapna Pathak
    Report No: TR0210

  35. Transaction based verification of da-fir filter using amba ahb transactor
    By Umeshkumar Mangubhai Lad
    Report No: TR0211

  36. New learning based super resolution using contourlet transform
    By Vineet Singh
    Report No: TR0212

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