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Technical Report Series provides a dated archive of DA-IICT research. It includes technical documents like work in progress, early versions of results that are eventually published in more traditional media, and supplemental information such as long proofs, software documentation, code listings, or elaborated examples.

These are hosted on a separate server and are accessible through campus-wide network. To access this collection, click on the title of the report and give your login ID and Password (provided by the Institute to access resources on the campus).

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  1. Low power high slew-rate adaptive biasing circuit for CMOS amplifiers
    By A. Narayana Rao
    Report No: TR0065

  2. Design and synthesis of asynchronous circuits
    By Abhinav Asthana
    Report No: TR0066

  3. Music genre classification using principal component analysis and auto associative neural network
    By Abhishek V. Ballaney
    Report No: TR0067

  4. Low power BIST architecture for fast multiplier embedded core
    By Aditya Vij
    Report No: TR0068

  5. A linearity enhancement technique for low noise amplifiers
    By Amit Gopal M. Purohit
    Report No: TR0069

  6. Content-based image retrieval system for multi-object images using a combination of features
    By Aradhana Katare
    Report No: TR0070

  7. Speech driven facial animation system
    By Archana Singh
    Report No: TR0071

  8. Design of a low power high slew rate OPAMP and to study its impact on sigma delta modulator’s performance
    By Aseem Verma
    Report No: TR0072

  9. Detection of unauthorized vehicle movement across the forest boundary using wireless sensor networks
    By Deepika Rana
    Report No: TR0073

  10. Bandwidth compression
    By Deven Patel
    Report No: TR0074

  11. A 0.18µ low power dual-mode transceiver front-end design for high speed bluetooth systems
    By Gaurav Chandrakant Dalwadi
    Report No: TR0075

  12. Receiver amplifier design using CMOS current feedback amplifier and current conveyors
    By Gaurav Kaushik
    Report No: TR0076

  13. Passive direction of arrival (DOA) tracking
    By Hemant Swarnkar
    Report No: TR0077

  14. A study of face recognition systems
    By Hima Patel
    Report No: TR0078

  15. Statistical delay modeling and analysis for system on chip
    By Jay Patel
    Report No: TR0079

  16. Low power high speed amplifier design
    By Jitendra Babu Bensal
    Report No: TR0080

  17. Reconfigurable application specific instruction set processor for kalman filter (R-ASIK)
    By Kinjal Dave
    Report No: TR0081

  18. Efficient algorithms for hierarchical online rule mining
    By Kishore Kumar Banda
    Report No: TR0082

  19. Mobility aware MANET routing protocol using cross layer design
    By Komalben Patel
    Report No: TR0083

  20. Efficient scan-based BIST scheme for low heat dissipation and reduced test application time
    By Malav Shah
    Report No: TR0084

  21. Built-in self-test for a flash analog to digital converter
    By Mangesh Bhalerao
    Report No: TR0085

  22. FM based pipeline ADC
    By Manu Tandon
    Report No: TR0086

  23. Comparison of single-bit and multi-bit second order sigma-delta modulators
    By Marshnil Dave
    Report No: TR0087

  24. Distributed caching mechanism for video on demand on the internet
    By Maulik Soni
    Report No: TR0088

  25. Performance evaluation of differentiated services over MPLS
    By Monika Ganpatlal Jain
    Report No: TR0089

  26. Gaussian mixture models for spoken language identification
    By Naresh Manwani
    Report No: TR0090

  27. A hybrid approach to digital Image watermarking using informed coding, informed embedding and spread spectrum
    By Nayan Kumar Dey
    Report No: TR0091

  28. Integrated chaos generator
    By Nishit H. Shah
    Report No: TR0092

  29. Decoupling delay and bandwidth in stateless core networks
    By Parag Shah
    Report No: TR0093

  30. Automation of model based estimation filters
    By Prathyusha Nimmagadda
    Report No: TR0094

  31. Secure and efficient key assignment scheme for dynamic access control in a hierarchy
    By Praveen Kumar Vadnala
    Report No: TR0095

  32. Implementation of constant gm CMOS op-amp input stage using overlapping of transition region in 0.18µm technology
    By Ram Sahay Singh
    Report No: TR0096

  33. Low power and high speed sample and hold circuit
    By Ronak Trivedi
    Report No: TR0097

  34. Resource discovery in computational grids: quantitative comparison and analysis of MDS and DHT
    By Shakti Gopal M. Purohit
    Report No: TR0098

  35. Design of a low power, high speed MAC unit
    By Swaprakash Mohanty
    Report No: TR0099

  36. A two-level pricing scheme for congestion control and service differentiation in the internet
    By Vineet Kulkarni
    Report No: TR0100

  37. Modeling ad hoc network as queuing network
    By Vishal Jain
    Report No: TR0101

  38. Extremely low voltage operational amplifier design with rail-to-rail input common mode range
    By Yogesh Malviya
    Report No: TR0102

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