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This is the list of invited special lectures/invited talks held at DA-IICT from time to time. The list provides name of the speaker, his/her affiliation with linkto his/her website and the topic/theme on which lecture was delivered. Links to slides and audio recording is also provided wherever possible.

   Year 2010

11 November, 2010 Prof. Pawan Dhar,
Director, Centre for Systems and Synthetic Biology,
University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram
Application of Engineering Principles in Biology
22 October, 2010 Prof. Janak Patel
University of Illinois,
CMOS Process Variations: A "Critical Operation Point" Hypothesis
Abstract  (pdf)
21 October, 2010 Prof. Ganesh Devy
DA-IICT, Gandhinagar
Aphasia and Speech - The Question of Language Conservation
 (Institute Lecture)
01 October, 2010 Shri Avinash Chander
Director, Advanced Systems Laboratory,
DRDO, Hyderabad
Missile Guidance Systems
27 August, 2010 Prof. Bhaskar Ramamurthi
Dept. of Computer Science
IIT Madras, Chennai
OFDMA in 3GPP LTE-A and IEEE 802.16m standards: Why, What and How
Abstract  (pdf)
23 July, 2010 Mr. Neil Patel
Ph. D. Student
Dept. of Computer Science
Stanford University, Palo Alto, California
Voice-based Social Media for Rural India
Abstract  (pdf)
07 July, 2010 Prof. Mini Ghosh
Assistant Professor
School of Mathematics and Computer Application,
Thapar University, Patiala
Mathematical Modelling of Infectious Diseases: Epidemic Models with Treatment
Abstract  (pdf)
13 May, 2010 Dr. Arnav Jhala
Assistant Professor
Baskin School of Engineering,
University of California, Santa Cruz
Intelligent Visualization in Digital Game Environments
Abstract  (pdf)
23 April, 2010 Prof. Virendra Singh
IISc. Bangalore
Power-Efficient Fault Tolerant Micro architecture for Chip Multiprocessors
Abstract  (pdf)
05 April, 2010 Prof. Subhajit Datta
IBM Research, Bangalore
Software Development: From Instruction to Interaction
Abstract  (pdf)
31 March, 2010 Prof. N. L. Sarda
Dept. of CSE, IIT Bombay, Mumbai
Data Interoperability and Integration
(slides, .pdf: 408 KB/37 pp.)
Abstract  (pdf)
15 March, 2010 Prof. Kanta Matsuura
University of Tokyo, Japan
Economic Implications of Light-Weight Security Mechanisms
(slides, .pdf: 422 KB/35 pp.)
23 February, 2010 Dr. Mandar Mitra
ISI, Kolkata
Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) in Education
05 February, 2010 Prof. R. K. Shyamasundar
Sr. Professor, Computer Science
The Role of Identity in Network and Information Systems
(slides, .pdf: 484 KB/44 pp.)
29 January, 2010 Prof. C. Pandu Rangan
IIT Madras, Chennai
The Joy of Algorithms
25 January, 2010 Mr. Vic Hayes
TU Delft, former chairperson of the
IEEE 802.11 Standards Workgroup
The Genesis of WiFi and its Applications
(slides, .pdf: 3.33MB/45 pp.)
20 January, 2010 Prof. Govind Swarup
former Director, NCRA, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Pune
Radio Waves and the Universe; from Big Bang to Black Holes
(slides, .pdf: 1.86 MB/43 pp.)
06 January, 2010 Prof. Vishnu Prasad
Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Multimedia University, Melaka, Malaysia
Fault Pairs based Dictionary Method for Analog Fault Diagnosis

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