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This is the list of invited special lectures/invited talks held at DA-IICT from time to time. The list provides name of the speaker, his/her affiliation with linkto his/her website and the topic/theme on which lecture was delivered. Links to slides and audio recording is also provided wherever possible.

   Year 2005

05 October, 2005 Prof. Abhay Karandikar
IIT Bombay, Mumbai
Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) and Generalized (G) MPLS for Intelligent Optical Networks-A tutorial
03 October, 2005 Dr. Amit Nanavati
IBM India Research Lab, New Delhi
Middleware Architecture for Evaluation and Selection of 3rd Party Web Services for Service Providers
19 September, 2005 Prof. A. N. Chandorkar
IIT Bombay, Mumbai
VLSI: Micro to Nano Paradigm
14 September, 2005 Prof. Heggere S. Ranganath
A boundary-based Image Sementation and Representation Approach
22 August, 2005 Dr. K. Balasubramaniam
Consultant, Commonwealth of Learning, Chennai
ICT in Agriculture and Rural Development
08 August, 2005 Mr. Unmesh Sheth
TIBCO Software, Inc., CA, USA
Enterprise Integration Architecture (EAI) and Future Trends in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
11 June, 2005 Dr. Christopher Flores
Accelaro Systems, Pleasanton CA, USA
Ultra Wide Band (UWB) Communications: Regulations, Applications, and Technologies
20 April, 2005 Prof. Samir K. Lahiri
IIT, Kharagpur
11 April, 2005 Prof. Somdeb Lahiri
Univ. of Witwaterstand, Johannesberg
Core and Equilibria in an Assembled Product Industry
02 April, 2005 Prof. Pasupathy,
IISc., Bangalore
Classical and Quantum Cryptography
02 March, 2005 Dr. Y. S. Rao
Qualcomm Inc.
3G Mobile Technology
23 February, 2005 Dr. Mousmi Acharya
Uni. of Pennsylvania, USA
Some basics of Digital Signal Processing
22 February, 2005 Prof. C.R. Muthukrishnan
(Former Deputy Director and Director-in-charge, IIT Madras) Consulting Advisor, TCS
Data Flow Testing
19 February, 2005 J. N. Singh
15 February, 2005 Dr. Prasanna
PRL, Ahmedabad
EINSTEIN - The Messiah of Modern Physics
14 February, 2005 Dr. Colin Boyd
Queensland Univ. of Technology, Brisbane, Australia
Secure Electronic Voting: Challenges and Solutions
12 February, 2005 Prof. M. M. Sharma
Emeritus Professor of Eminence, UICT, Mumbai
The Crucial Role of Innovation in the Growth of Industries in India
11 February, 2005 Prof. Hari Sahasrabudhe,
Half-life of Knowledge
05 February, 2005 Prof. Amara Amara
Institute Superor Electronique de Paris, France
RTL Level Power Optimization Techniques for Portable Devices
29 January, 2005 Mr. Rajendra Pratap
Asic Design
20 January, 2005 Prof. Aman Shaikh
AT & T Lab (Research), USA
Making an Autonomous System Act and Look like one Big
15 January, 2005 Prof. Kamal Lodaya
Institute of Mathematical Science, Chennai
A Syntax for Petri Nets
15 January, 2005 Prof. Saurabh Tewari
Alcatel, USA
File Replication in Peer-to-Peer Networks
10 January, 2005 Prof. Pramod P. Khargonekar
Univ. of Florida, USA
Control Estimation in Semiconductor Manufacturing
04 January, 2005 Dr. Primit Parikh
Cree Santa Barbara Technology Center, USA
Semi-conductor Technology and Innovative start up of Business/Entrepreneurship
04 January, 2005 Mr. Sam Pitroda
Telecommunication Industry: The Challenges Ahead
03 January, 2005 Prof. Vijay Kumar Garg
University of Texas at Austin, USA
Monitoring Multithreaded Distributed Computations

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