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This is the list of invited special lectures/invited talks held at DA-IICT from time to time. The list provides name of the speaker, his/her affiliation with linkto his/her website and the topic/theme on which lecture was delivered. Links to slides and audio recording is also provided wherever possible.

   Year 2004

18 December, 2004 Prof. Sartaj Sahni
Distinguished Prof. and Chair, Dept. of CISE, Univ. of Florida, USA
Medical Algorithms
22 November, 2004 Prof. V. V. Kamat
University of Goa, Goa
Exploring the Design Space
20 November, 2004 Mr. Kaushal Solanki
Univ. of California, USA
Multimedia Data Hiding: What, Why,and How ?
20 November, 2004 Mr. Dipendra Singh Rawal
Solid State Physics Lab, New Delhi
Development of "gaAs" Based Technology for High Frequency Applications
30 October, 2004 Mr. Chirag Patel
Founder and CEO, Net4Nuts Ltd., Ahmedabad
Universal Resource Management and Wireless Mobility
30 October, 2004 Dr. Ajit Maru
Indian Agriculture and Application of ICT: Challenges Ahead
25 September, 2004 Mr. Sanjiv Parikh
CEO, eInfochips, Ahmedabad
GSM Wireless Telephony and data - Technology Overview and Trends
25 September, 2004 Prof. Ashok Jhunjhunwala
IIT, Madras
Towards Enabling India through ICT
08 September, 2004 Dr. Anil Chopra
Petrotel Inc., Dallas, Texas, USA
Role of ICT in Petroleum Exploration and Production
13 August, 2004 Prof. Kamesh Munagala
Duke University, USA
The Pipelined Set Cover Problem
12 August, 2004 Prof. Kamesh Munagala
Duke University, USA
Feature Sets of Genes for Cancer via Discriminative Margin Clustering of Gene Expression Data
11 August, 2004 Mr. Mihir Ravel
Advisor, Academic and Technology, National Instruments (USA)
The Evolution of Virtual Instrumentation: Accelerating Global Design and Development
04 August, 2004 Mr. Sunil S. Kulkarni
Purdue University, USA
Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks
31 July, 2004 Prof. P. L. Dhar, IIT Delhi
Value Education
29 July, 2004 Prof. Shamakant Navathe
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA
Bioinformatics: A Challenge for Database Technology
10 July, 2004 Prof. Harishankar Ramachandran
IIT, Madras
Design of a Passive Optical-Fibre Access Network for Dense Urban Neighbourhoods
23 June, 2004 Dr. Pramode Verma
The University of Oklahoma - Tulsa
Enhancing the Traffic Carrying Capacity of Optical Networks
10 April, 2004 Dr. Sanjay Anand
Consultant and Instructor in ERP
ICT Opportunities
09 April, 2004 Mr. H. K. Verma
Director, Engineering at Flexlogics, Sunnyvale, California
Programmable Integrated Circuits, Architecture, Applications and Future Trends
03 April, 2004 Dr. Toni Humber
Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany
Digital Ethnography: Pros and Cons for Data Collection & Outputs
03 April, 2004 Dr. Alexander Kuruvilla
CEO, Akshaya Apollo Hospitals, Ahmedabad
Telemedicine: Medical Insurance for All
27 March, 2004 Mr. Rajiv Bhatnagar
Creative Solutions, New Delhi
Opportunities in Embedded Technology
26 March, 2004 Prof. S. P. Sukhatme
Director, Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, Mumbai
Energy Scenario in India
25 March, 2004 Dr. Ashim Roy
Vice President, (Business Development and Operations), ComBasis Technology, Inc. USA
ComBasis R & D in Wireless LAN
14 February, 2004 Dr. Anand Deshpande
Persistent Systems Pvt. Ltd., Pune
Data Warehousing Concepts and Optimizations
07 February, 2004 Dr. Neeran Karnik
IBM India Research Lab, New Delhi
Grid Computing -- a service-oriented Perspective
31 January, 2004 Dr. Sandeep Sibal
Mobile Technologies of Tomorrow
29 January, 2004 Dr. Akash Nanavati
Coordination Mechanisms
17 January, 2004 Dr. A. K. Runchal
Bel Air, California (USA)
Emergence of Virtual Reality as a Universal Design and Management Tool
17 January, 2004 Prof. Deepak Phatak
Indian ICT Professionals for 21st Century
06 January, 2004 Prof. Ashok Amin
Evolution of a Model of Diagnosable Systems

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