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This is the list of invited special lectures/invited talks held at DA-IICT from time to time. The list provides name of the speaker, his/her affiliation with linkto his/her website and the topic/theme on which lecture was delivered. Links to slides and audio recording is also provided wherever possible.

   Year 2007

26 October, 2007 Prof. David Koil Pillai
IIT Madras, Chennai
1. Broad Band Wireless Technologies, Challenges and Opportunities
2. Emerging Broad Band Wireless technologies - an India Perspective
25 October, 2007 Mr. Ankit Fadia
Computer security guru and Cyber Terrorism Expert, Independent Computer Security and Intelligence Consultant, Ahmedabad
Ethical Hacking
05 October, 2007 Prof. G. Sivakumar
Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Bombay, Mumbai
Collaborative Learning and the Semantic Web
11 August, 2007 Dr. T. P. Rama Rao
IIM, Ahmedabad
10 August, 2007 Mr. Hardik Sangavi
CEO, Adiance Technology, Ahmedabad
03 August, 2007 Prof. S. C. Sahasrabudhe
Director, DA-IICT, Gandhinagar
100 Years of Telecom Engineering
31 July, 2007 Dr. Sunil Kumar
San Diego State University
Cross Layer Protocols for Airborne Mobile Ad-hoc Networks Under Dynamic Spectrum Access Paradigm
19 March, 2007 Prof. U. A. Athavankar
From Ideas to Products
15 January, 2007 Prof. Ranjan K. Mallik
Diversity in Wireless Communication Systems

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