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  • Resource Centre will usually send reminders to members for the overdue items, but non-receipt of reminders is no reason for returning books late.
Late fee
  • Overdue/Fine are be charged to the members as per the details given in the Borrower Privileges Table.
  • Members who have overdue item(s) outstanding may not be permitted to borrow any materials until the overdue items have been returned and fines are paid.
  • If the fine amount exceeds Rs.50.00, the membership may be cancelled and no issues will be done.
  • Resource Centre materials can be renewed, if there are no reservations on them by other users
  • Same materials can not be renewed more than once.
  • Borrower has to bring the material physically to the Resource Centre for renewal.
  • Journals, reference books, CDs etc, (other than books) will not be renewed.
  • No renewal will be entertained for Short Loan books

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  • Resource Centre staff may recall a book at any time before its due date. The overdue charges may be increased for failure to return a book when it is due or recalled.

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  • Members can reserve only those materials, which are already issued at the Circulation Desk.
  • One reader can reserve maximum two books at any given time.
  • A book can have maximum two reservations.
  • Reserved books will be put on hold at the Circulation desk for maximum three working days (inclusive of the day on which it is received/returned and hold period can be reduced looking in to the demand) from the date of return by previous borrower. If the member who has reserved the book fails to pick up the same within this period the reservation stands cancelled.
  • The availability of reserved items will be informed through email.

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Loss of / Damage to Resource Centre materials
  • Loss of book(s) must be reported immediately.
  • Overdue fine, if any will be charged till the loss of book(s) is reported.
  • If the original book is returned after reporting it lost, the fine will be calculated till the date of its return.
  • Borrower will have to replace the book, if lost/damaged with latest edition within 45 days from reporting, along with overdue charges.
  • If the lost book is out of print and if the borrower is unable to replace it, he/she will have to pay the prevailing cost of the book, plus 30% processing fee.

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