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Course Reserve (CR) Collection
  • Course Reserve (CR) Collection consists of textbooks and other reading materials recommended by the respective faculty members for different courses for each Semester and are kept at the Circulation Desk.
  • Documents in the Reserve Collection can be used only in the Resource Centre against Smart Card.
  • This collection will be issued for two hours at a time. The late return of the same will attract late fee of Rs. 5/- per hr.
  • Books under Course Reserve (CR) can be reserved, if already in use by other users. A book can have maximum two reservations at a time.

  • Resource Centre materials can be renewed, if there are no reservations on them by other users.
  • Same materials can not be renewed more than once.
  • Borrower has to bring the material physically to the Resource Centre for renewal.
  • Journals, reference books, CDs etc, (other than books) will not be renewed.
  • No renewal will be entertained for Short Loan books

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Vacation Issue
  • Student members, except those completing their final semester programme, can borrow books during the vacation period as per the normal rules.
  • If the user is off campus, one time renewal is allowed over the email during winter and summer semester vacation only.

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Personal Books
  • Members are allowed to bring in their personal books and other reading materials inside the Resource Centre. These items should bear the respective member's name and ID Number.
  • Members will have to produce these items at the Circulation Desk/Property Counter every time while entering in and leaving the Resource Centre.

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Books Issued to Members
  • Members are allowed to bring in Resource Centre books already issued on their name for reference purpose.
  • These will have to be produced at the Circulation Desk for verification of dates etc. every time while entering in and leaving of the Resource Centre.
  • If such an item is found over due, members will have to return the same to the Resource Centre immediately.

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Study Carrels
  • Study Carrels room is located on the ground floor adjacent to the stack room.
  • Entry to the study carrels room is limited only to the Faculty members & Research Scholars.

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Closing Time
  • First warning bell/ buzzer will be given 15 minutes in advance.
  • All transactions with members at the Circulation Desk will close 15 minutes before closing hours.
  • Second warning bell/buzzer will be given 5 minutes before closing time.

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