Resource Centre
RC Communication Policy

RC Communication Policy

The Resource Centre will normally communicate with members via Institute email address. Communications from the Resource Centre include announcements, notices, information about overdue books, reservations, recall of issued items, inter-Resource Centre loans and document supply request. Members are therefore requested to check their emails regularly.


The Resource Centre is located on the right side as one enters the campus. It is closer to CEP, Faculty and Administrative buildings. Please see the campus map for the exact location and direction.

Computers in the Resource Centre

  • Computers are placed in different locations of the Resource Centre for accessing the resources for academic and research work.
  • Using computers for emailing, submitting assignments and accessing for non-academic purposes is not allowed.
  • Users must not tamper with the Resource Centre computers, other equipments, its systems, programs or other stored information.
  • Users should not use the Resource Centre computer facility in a manner, which will bring disrepute to the name of the Institute.

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