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RC offers the orientation program to the students and others in the beginning of every academic year. Through this program, an effort is made to familiarize every new member with the resources, services, and facilities offered by RC and its policies to use the same. RC will be happy to design and offer training programs to assist users to develop the ability to locate, identify, use, and interpret information effectively. RC would like to promote the role of the library as a resource for lifelong learning, through this program.

Autumn 2008: Orientation and Training Schedule
Venue: Resource Centre

RC Orientation Programme for UG 2008 Students
Students ID Date Time
200801001 to 200801060 23rd July 2008 1400 hrs
200801061 to 200801120 23rd July 2008 1530 hrs
200801121 to 200801180 24th July 2008 1400 hrs
200801181 & onwards 25th July 2008 1530 hrs
RC Orientation Programme for PG 2008 Students
Programme Date Time
M.Sc. in ICTARD 25th July 2008 1130 hrs
M.Tech. & Ph.D. 25th July 2008 1400 hrs
M.Sc. IT 25th July 2008 1530 hrs

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