Faculty Publications

   Year 2002

     Chapters in Book  : 03
     Journal Papers  : 04
     Conference Papers  : 01
     Newspaper/Magazine Articles  : 03

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  1. Suhrud, Tridip. "Govardhanram Tripathi and 'the philosophy of consumption: A reading of Sarasvatichandra'," in Early Novels in India. Mukherjee, Meenakshi Ed., Delhi: Sahitya Akademi, 2002, pp. 193-211.

  2. Suhrud, Tridip. "Indian Sub-Continent: autobiography," in Encyclopedia of Life Writing Autobiographical and Biographical Forms, Margaretta Jolly, Ed. London/Chicago: Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers, 2002.

  3. Suhrud, Tridip. Kshemraj ane sadhvi: Govardhamram Maahavram Tripathi. Mehta, Hasit., Ed. Mumbai: N. M. Tripathi and Company, 2002.


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  1. Suhrud, Tridip. "Gujarat: no room for dialogue," Economic and Political Weekly, vol. 37, no. 11, pp. 1011-1022, Mar. 2002.

  2. Suhrud, Tridip. "Eclipse of civilisation, 'Seeking peace'," International Galleries, vol. 05, no. 01, 2002.

  3. Suhrud, Tridip. "In search of Gandhi," Seminar, no. 513, pp.61-63, May, 2002.

  4. Suhrud, Tridip. "Where do we go from here? Interview with Tridip Suhrud," Seagull Theatre Quarterly, no. 32-33, pp. 98-103, Jan. 2002.


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  1. Banerjee, Asim. "Graffiti script recognition-A case study," in Proceedings of IEEE Conference, Mexico, December 2002.


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  1. Suhrud, Tridip. "Some Reflections on Hind Swaraj," Gandhi Marg. Oct-Dec. 2002.

  2. Suhrud, Tridip. "Khade raho Gandhi," Nirikshak, Mar. 2002.

  3. Suhrud, Tridip. "Ghare-Bahere: Nimrana," Nirikshak, Mar. 16, 2002.


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