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This service provides link to the Table of Contents of service offered by major publishers. You are requested to frequently visit these sites to find out what is new in your area of interest. Most of the publishers offer the automatic content alert service through email. We encourage you to subscribe to the same by selecting the journals of your interest.

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ACM Digital Library TOC Service
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Alert Info: Receive the table of contents via email as new issues become available on the site.

American Anthropological Association
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Alert Info: Sign-up for customized email alerts to receive timely notification about research topics you interest, including the addition of new content.

American Association for the Advancement of Science
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Alert Info: This service allows you to receive tables of contents for SCIENCE Online via e-mail, or alternately to be notified when new issues of SCIENCE Online are published.

American Institute of physics
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Alert Info: Go to the Journals listing page and click on the particular journal to reach its home page. Then click on the "Table of Contents" and enter your email ID in the given box.

American Mathematical Society
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Alert Info: There are two types
ASAP Alerts - daily or weekly mail alerts of when individual articles (Articles ASAP) are get published on the web, prior to being assigned to an issue.
Table of Contents Alerts - e-mail alerts of the Table of Contents (TOC) for specific issues on the day the complete issue is posted on the web, enabling you to scan the issue's entire contents at once.

American Medical Association Publication
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Alert Info: Table of Contents and links to individual articles are sent when new issues are published online. New Issue Notice simply announces when a new issue is available, with a link to the Table of Contents.

Annual Reviews Announcements
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Alert Info: Sign up for information on the latest publications, and news from Annual Reviews.

Blackwell E-mail Alerts
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Alert Info: Free e-mail alerting service that sends e-mails of journal tables of contents (with links to abstracts), and/or news of the latest books in a specific field. You can either choose which discipline interests you, they will send you a message every two weeks or you can specify exactly which books and journals you'd like to hear about, and how often you'd like to receive your messages.

Cambridge Journals Online
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Alert Info: To receive email alerts on a set of keywords, go to "Select Categories of Interest" in your Personal Profile.
To create email alerts for your favorite journals, go to "Choose Journals of Interest" in your Personal Profile.

CSIRO Publishing
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Alert Info: Submit your email address for a list of the Early Alert sign-up options or to change your current profile, including unsubscribing from existing alerts.

EBSCO Alerting Service
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Alert Info: All databases accessed through EBSCOHost interface offer alerting. Alerts may be created for saved searches or for journal tables of contents.
To create Alerts: Choose the database from the database list and then select the Advanced Search option. Search on a topic when the search results appear, click on Search History/Alerts. Click on Save Search/Alert. Follow the instructions at I'm a New User to set up a New Account and then Save Alert.

Registration Journal List
Alert Info: Every time a new issue of a journal is available to you by e-mail. The table-of-contents links to the abstract and from abstract there is a link to full text of the article.

Emerald Alert
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Alert Info: Emerald (Electronic Management Research Library Database) alerting service emails the contents of journals from the major management disciplines viz. management human resources, information management, library & information services, marketing, operations, production & economics, property, quality, training & education. There are three ways of setting the alerting service
1. Saved Search (adding your searches to an alert profile will result in future emails containing citations that match the search in your selected database).
2. Table Of Contents (as new issues of any journals you choose become available, an email containing the table of contents for that journal will be sent to you).
3.Weekly Digest (This service provides you with an e-mail summary of all Emerald Fulltext journals updated each week)

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