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 Plagiarism Detection Tools

  • Article Checker
  • "Article Checker is a new tool that searches Google, Yahoo for your content. Or, you can use the shortcut of"

  • DOC Cop

    DOC Cop is a plagiarism detection tool that creates reports displaying the correlation and matches between documents or a document and the web.

  • Dupli Checker

    A free online plagiarism software that works as plagiarism detection tool and provides facility of plagiarism checking.

  • EssayFraud is a watchdog organization that investigates hypocrisy involving plagiarism in academia.

  • Free Plagiarism Detection Tool (Downloadable software)

    This will scan your essays or other documents against online sources, as well as any text documents on your local computer or server. The plagiarised fragments will be outlined and highlighted by the scanning software so that you can easily edit your work and make it plagiarism free! You will need to register to use the software.

  • JPlag

    JPlag is a system that finds similarities among multiple sets of source code files. This way it can detect software plagiarism. JPlag does not merely compare bytes of text, but is aware of programming language syntax and program structure and hence is robust against many kinds of attempts to disguise similarities between plagiarized files. JPlag currently supports Java, C#, C, C++, Scheme and natural language text.

  • Moss : A System for Detecting Software Plagiarism

    Moss (for a Measure of Software Similarity) is an automatic system for determining the similarity of C, C++, Java, Pascal, Ada, ML, Lisp, or Scheme programs.

  • Plagiarism Checker, University of Maryland new

    "Plagiarism Checker" is a free and powerful plagiarism detection tool. This educational software was designed as a project for the University of Maryland at College Park Department of Education.

  • Plagiarism Checker .com

    Plagiarism Checker checks for Plagiarism on the web for free. Plagiarism Checker can help you find out whether a student's paper has been copied from the Internet.

  • Online Free Plagiarism Detection

    By Coping & pasting any content in the text field or by uploading a file in such formats like .txt or .doc will start checking your paper for plagiarism.

  • Project Analyzer (for Visual Basic)

    Program source code analyzer that finds duplicated code blocks. Can be used to detect plagiarism in software written in Visual Basic, VB.NET and VBA.

  • WCopyfind 2.5

    "It compares text documents with one another to determine if they share words in phrases. When it finds two files that share enough words in those phrases, WCopyfind generates html report files."

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