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70 Wonders of the Modern World
Author: Reader's Digest
Publisher: Reader's Digest
Class No.: 724.6 REA ( (REF)
Accession No.: 007924
Year: 2002
Pagination: 160 p.

70 WONDERS OF THE MODERN WORLD looks at major architectural and engineering feats of the 20th century. Architects have created homes that vary from the functional white cubes of Modernism to glittering palaces such as Hearst Castle and the Sultan of Brunei's Palace, while city skylines have become dominated by the skyscraper. Buildings as divers as the Louvre Pyramid, the Sydney Opera House and the Lloyd's Building in London have surprised and thrilled the public. Monuments such as the Atomium in Brussels and the Moscow Rocket Museum have been built to celebrate the milestones of human progress, while others, such as Mount Rushmore and the Vietnam Memorial, proclaim the indomitability of the human spirit.

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