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Books Available in RC

  1. Jain, Manish., Jain, Manish., Bluetooth: Basics, New Delhi: B.P.B. Publications, 2001
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  6. Miller, Brent A., Bluetooth Revealed: The Insider's Guide to an Open Specification for Global Wireless Communications, Delhi: Pearson Education Asia, 2001
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  8. Bray, Jennifer., Bluetooth: Connect Without Cables: Connect Without Cables, New Delhi, Pearson Education, 2001
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  9. Labiod, Houda., Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee and WiMax, Boston: Springer, 2007 ( under process).

  10. Huang, Albert., Bluetooth Essentials for Programmers, Cambrige University Press, 2007( under process).

Papers from ACM Journals

  1. Quality-of-service in IP services over Bluetooth ad-hoc networks

  2. Performance of Bluetooth bridges in scatternets with limited service scheduling

  3. Bluetooth dynamic scheduling and interference mitigation

  4. Rendezvous layer protocols for Bluetooth-enabled smart devices

  5. Bluetooth: a technical overview

  6. Interference evaluation of Bluetooth and IEEE 802.11b systems

  7. BlueStar: enabling efficient integration between bluetooth WPANs and IEEE 802.11 WLANs

  8. Hacking cell phones via bluetooth tools under Linux

  9. Network security: Bluetooth worm propagation: mobility pattern matters!

  10. A new Bluetooth scatternet formation protocol

Papers from IEEE/IET Journals (IEL Online Library)

  1. What is Bluetooth?

  2. Residential microwave oven interference on Bluetooth data performance

  3. Power-efficient and QoS-aware scheduling in Bluetooth scatternet for wireless PANs

  4. Mutual interference between independent Bluetooth piconets

  5. Scenario driven evaluation and interference mitigation proposals for Bluetooth and high data rate Bluetooth enabled consumer electronic devices

  6. A novel family of frequency hopping sequences for multi-hop Bluetooth networks

  7. An investigation of the coexistence of 802.11g WLAN and high data rate Bluetooth enabled consumer electronic devices in indoor home and office environments

  8. Energy-aware on-demand scatternet formation and routing for Bluetooth-based wireless sensor networks

  9. Can Bluetooth succeed as a large-scale ad hoc networking technology?

  10. Neuro-fuzzy control for MPEG video transmission over bluetooth

  11. A Bluetooth scatternet-route structure for multihop ad hoc networks

  12. Configuring BlueStars: multihop scatternet formation for Bluetooth networks

  13. An adaptive control for video transmission over bluetooth

  14. Bluetooth in wireless communication

  15. Analysis of packet interference and aggregated throughput in a cluster of Bluetooth piconets under different traffic conditions

  16. Reducing the cost of Bluetooth systems

  17. Techniques for channel estimation, DC-offset compensation, and link quality control in Bluetooth system

  18. Refinements to the packet error rate upper bound for Bluetooth networks

  19. Time-synchronised multi-piconet Bluetooth environments

  20. Bluetooth wireless technology in the home

  21. Bluetooth: technology for short-range wireless apps

  22. Noncoherent sequence detection receiver for Bluetooth systems

  23. Consumer electronics application and coverage constraints using Bluetooth and proposed Bluetooth evolution technologies

  24. Interference modeling and performance of Bluetooth MAC protocol

  25. Distributed topology construction of Bluetooth wireless personal area networks

  26. Optimal communication in bluetooth piconets

  27. Adaptive energy conserving algorithms for neighbor discovery in opportunistic Bluetooth networks

  28. Bluetooth cavities

  29. An overview of the Bluetooth wireless technology

  30. Bluetooth performance in the presence of 802.11b WLAN

  31. Handoff provisioning in Bluetooth wireless personal area networks

  32. Impact of interference on performance of Bluetooth piconet in 2.4 GHz ISM band

  33. High capacity hotspots based on bluetooth technology

  34. A traffic-aware scheduling for bluetooth scatternets

  35. Channel estimation and DC-offset compensation schemes for frequency-hopped Bluetooth networks

  36. A Bluetooth radio in 0.18-/spl mu/m CMOS

  37. Bluetooth [wireless connectivity]

  38. Protocol for plug and play in Bluetooth based home networks

  39. Studying bluetooth malware propagation: the bluebag project

  40. Adaptive role switching protocol for improving scatternet performance in Bluetooth radio networks

  41. Scalable and QoS-Aware dynamic slot assignment and piconet partitioning to enhance the performance of bluetooth Ad Hoc networks

  42. The v2.0+EDR bluetooth SOC architecture for multimedia

  43. Bluetooth inquiry time characterization and selection

  44. Realizing MPEG-4 video transmission over wireless Bluetooth link via HCI

  45. Impact of power control and lognormal shadowing on the mean transmit power of Bluetooth devices

  46. Performance evaluation in Bluetooth dense piconet areas

  47. Efficient packetisation scheme for bluetooth video transmission

  48. Bluetooth receiver design based on laurent's decomposition

  49. Novel Bluetooth receiver structure deploying improved zero-crossing detection

  50. Bottom-up construction of bluetooth topology under a traffic-aware scheduling scheme

  51. QoS analysis in overlay bluetooth-WiFi networks with profile-based vertical handover

  52. A CMOS bandpass filter for low-IF bluetooth receivers

  53. Bluetooth: an enabler for personal area networking

  54. Wi-Fi (802.11b) and Bluetooth: enabling coexistence

  55. A robust CMOS Bluetooth radio/modem system-on-chip

  56. Enhanced service discovery in Bluetooth

  57. An improved packet collision analysis for multi-Bluetooth piconets considering frequency-hopping guard time effect

  58. A 2.4-GHz dual-mode 0.18-/spl mu/m CMOS transceiver for Bluetooth and 802.11b

  59. Distributed self-healing and variable topology optimization algorithms for QoS provisioning in scatternets

  60. Load-adaptive inter-piconet scheduling in small-scale Bluetooth scatternets

  61. A 2.4-GHz 0.25-/spl mu/m CMOS dual-mode direct-conversion transceiver for bluetooth and 802.11b

  62. 0.18-/spl mu/m CMOS Bluetooth analog receiver with -88-dBm sensitivity

  63. Improved decoding for Bluetooth systems

  64. Effect of Bluetooth interference on OFDM systems

  65. Design and implementation of a Bluetooth ad hoc network for indoor positioning

  66. Performance Evaluation of Bluetooth Systems With LDI, Modified LDI, and NSD Receivers

  67. A family of low-complexity binary linear codes for Bluetooth and BLAST signaling applications

  68. Design and implementation of the integration applications for a portable MP3 player with a Bluetooth hand-free/set

  69. Interference between Bluetooth networks-upper bound on the packet error rate

  70. Transmit-power reduction for class-1 Bluetooth-enabled indoor cordless phones

  71. An adaptive sniff scheduling scheme for power saving in Bluetooth

  72. Bluetooth and WLAN coexistence: challenges and solutions

  73. Networked home appliance system using Bluetooth technology integrating appliance control/monitoring with Internet service

  74. A phone-assistive device based on Bluetooth technology for cochlear implant users

  75. A GFSK demodulator for low-IF Bluetooth receiver

  76. A 15-mW fully integrated I/Q synthesizer for Bluetooth in 0.18-/spl mu/m CMOS

  77. Admission control in Bluetooth piconets

  78. Partial Delaunay triangulation and degree limited localized Bluetooth scatternet formation

  79. A dual-mode 802.11b/bluetooth radio in 0.35-/spl mu/m CMOS

  80. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless protocols: a survey and a comparison

  81. A Bluetooth-based proposal of instrument wireless interface

  82. CMOS low-power bandpass IF filter for Bluetooth

  83. Bluetooth receiver with zero-crossing zero-forcing demodulation

  84. Bluetooth receiver based on zero-crossing demodulation

  85. ZigBee and Bluetooth strengths and weaknesses for industrial applications

  86. Networking gets personal

Journal Papers from SpringerLink

  1. BlueStar: Enabling Efficient Integration Between Bluetooth WPANs and IEEE 802.11 WLANs

  2. Capacity Assignment in Bluetooth Scatternets-Optimal and Heuristic Algorithms

  3. Peer to peer video streaming in Bluetooth overlays

  4. A Bluetooth Based Sensor Network for Civil Infrastructure Health Monitoring

  5. A Bluetooth Routing Protocol Using Evolving Fuzzy Neural Networks

  6. Future applications of Bluetooth

  7. Interference mitigation in asynchronous slow Frequency hopping bluetooth networks

  8. Performance evaluation of Bluetooth Polling schemes: an analytical approach

  9. Analytical evaluation of throughput for a Bluetooth piconet with MAC level link adaptation

  10. The BTRC Bluetooth remote control system

  11. Bluetooth: Architecture, Protocols and Scheduling Algorithms

  12. An Efficient Simulation Environment and simulation techniques for Bluetooth device design

  13. Interference Evaluation of Bluetooth and IEEE 802.11b Systems

  14. High technology alliances in uncertain times: the case of bluetooth

  15. Fast correlation attacks on Bluetooth combiner

  16. UbiqMuseum: A Bluetooth and Java Based Context-Aware System for Ubiquitous Computing

  17. Guest Editorial: Advances in Research of Wireless Personal Area Networking and Bluetooth Enabled Networks

  18. A Fully Integrated Class 1 Bluetooth 0.25 pm CMOS PA

Papers from Lecture Notes in Computer Science

  1. Bluetooth throughput improvement using a slave to slave piconet formation

  2. The Bluetooth technology: state of the art and networking aspects

  3. Efficient scheduling by incorporating bin packing with limited and weighted round robin for bluetooth

  4. Packet interference and aggregated throughput of bluetooth piconets in a ubiquitous network

  5. On efficient topologies for bluetooth scatternets

  6. How to secure bluetooth-based pico networks

  7. The bluetooth technology: state of the art and networking aspects

  8. Exact probabilistic analysis of the limited scheduling algorithm for symmetrical bluetooth piconets

  9. Security weaknesses in bluetooth

  10. Improving energy efficiency and responsiveness in bluetooth networks: a performance assessment

  11. Hierarchical grown bluetrees (hgb) - an effective topology for bluetooth scatternets

  12. A new embedded wireless microcensor network based on bluetooth scatternet and PMCN

  13. A bluetooth home design @ NZ

  14. A study on secure SDP of RFID using bluetooth communication

  15. Improved Pairing Protocol for Bluetooth

  16. Device Discovery in Bluetooth Networks: A Scatternet Perspective

  17. A CMOS power amplifier for bluetooth

  18. A Novel Energy Efficient Communication Architecture for Bluetooth Ad Hoc Networks

  19. Improving Bluetooth EDR Data Throughput Using FEC and Interleaving

  20. A Light Protocol for Distance Estimation in Bluetooth Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

Papers from ACM Conference Proceedings (ACM Digital Library)

  1. Mobile applications: Bluetooth and WAP push based location-aware mobile advertising system

  2. Platforms: Bluetooth and sensor networks: a reality check

  3. Emerging technologies: WLANs and WPANs: On the application of traffic engineering over bluetooth ad hoc networks

  4. Bluetooth: A pseudo random coordinated scheduling algorithm for Bluetooth scatternets

  5. Multimedia support over bluetooth Piconets

  6. An ns-based Bluetooth Topology Construction Simulation Environment

  7. Interference of bluetooth and IEEE 802.11: simulation modeling and performance evaluation

  8. Emerging threats: A preliminary investigation of worm infections in a bluetooth environment

  9. Performance monitoring: Performance evaluation of web services invocation over Bluetooth

  10. Quality of service: Evaluation of the energetic impact of Bluetooth low-power modes for ubiquitous computing applications

  11. Service support: SymPhone: design and implementation of a VoIP peer for Symbian mobile phones using Bluetooth and SIP

  12. Papers from MC2R open call: Using visual tags to bypass Bluetooth device discovery

  13. An empirical study of Bluetooth performance

  14. Location, tracking, nomadic computing: A bluetooth infrastructure for automatic services access in ubiquitous and nomadic computing environments

Papers from IEEE/IET Conference (IEL Online Library)

  1. Performance evaluation of the Bluetooth-based public Internet access point

  2. A novel architecture and coexistence method to provide global access to/from Bluetooth WPANs by IEEE 802.11 WLANs

  3. Simplifications of the Bluetooth radio devices

  4. Bluetooth Performance Analysis in Personal Area Network (PAN)

  5. A key establishment protocol for Bluetooth scatternets

  6. Employing dynamic segmentation for effective co-located coexistence between Bluetooth and IEEE 802.11 WLANs

  7. Rapid heterogeneous ad hoc connection establishment: accelerating Bluetooth inquiry using IrDA

  8. Near Field Communication and Bluetooth Bridge System for Mobile Commerce

  9. Bluetooth simulations for wireless sensor networks using GTNetS

  10. A remotely controlled Bluetooth enabled environment

  11. FPQ: a fair and efficient polling algorithm with QoS support for Bluetooth Piconet

  12. Providing mobile LAN access capability for Bluetooth devices

  13. Basestation collaboration in Bluetooth voice networks

  14. Integrating Bluetooth with wireless and ricocheting

  15. An Integrated Neuro-Fuzzy Approach to MPEG Video Transmission in Bluetooth

  16. A bypassing security model for anonymous Bluetooth peers

  17. Mitigating the effects of intermittent interference on Bluetooth ad hoc networks

  18. Rendezvous scheduling in Bluetooth scatternets

  19. A routing vector method (RVM) for routing in Bluetooth scatternets

  20. Hardware and software implications of creating Bluetooth scatternet devices

  21. Automatic recognition of Bluetooth speech in 802.11 interference and the effectiveness of insertion-based compensation techniques

  22. Interference mitigation proposals exploiting antenna diversity using space time block codes for Bluetooth enabled devices

  23. Distributed topology construction of Bluetooth personal area networks

  24. Wireless Communication Technology Based on Bluetooth and Its Application to a Manipulator

  25. A credit-based on-demand QoS routing protocol over Bluetooth WPANs

  26. TCP traffic in Bluetooth 1.2: performance and dimensioning of flow control

  27. An architecture, topology and performance of the multihop Bluetooth network (MBNET)

  28. Performance of PHY and MAC layers of a Bluetooth piconet in multi-Bluetooth interference environment

  29. Resource management schemes for Bluetooth scatternets

  30. A 0.18/spl mu/m CMOS Bluetooth frequency synthesizer for integration with a Bluetooth SOC reference platform

  31. Survivable Bluetooth location networks

  32. Ricocheting Bluetooth

  33. Mobile bluetooth networking: technical considerations and applications

  34. Bluetooth scatternet formation for supporting device mobility

  35. Protocol support for audio streaming between Bluetooth devices

  36. BlueCube: constructing a hypercube parallel computing and communication environment over Bluetooth radio system

  37. Formation, routing, and maintenance protocols for the BlueRing scatternet of Bluetooths

  38. A switch model for improving throughput and power fairness in Bluetooth piconets

  39. Accelerating Bluetooth inquiry for personal area networks

  40. Experimental assessment of media synchronization quality in IEEE 802.11 b under Bluetooth interference

  41. Enhancing Bluetooth scheduler with adaptive link capacity assignment

  42. Bluetooth Worms: Models, Dynamics, and Defense Implications

  43. An evolutionary Bluetooth scatternet formation protocol

  44. Efficient handoff algorithm for Bluetooth networks

  45. System level simulation modeling of Bluetooth voice and its interference

  46. Using Bluetooth and sensor networks for intelligent transportation systems

  47. Link sharing in high capacity Bluetooth voice access networks

  48. Using piconet avoidance techniques to reduce interference in Bluetooth networks

  49. Bluetooth-based ad-hoc networks for voice transmission

  50. Design and implementation of Bluetooth energy meter

  51. Positioning with Bluetooth

  52. Bluetooth location networks

  53. BWIG: Bluetooth Web Internet Gateway

  54. Consumer electronics application and coverage constraints using Bluetooth and proposed Bluetooth evolution technologies

  55. Policies for increasing throughput and decreasing power consumption in Bluetooth MAC

  56. Single to Multiplayer Bluetooth Gaming Framework

  57. Modeling Propagation Dynamics of Bluetooth Worms

  58. A Lightweight Framework forWeb Services Invocation over Bluetooth

  59. Constructing long-lived scatternets in Bluetooth networks

  60. Evaluation and accelerating Bluetooth device discovery

  61. Low-cost Bluetooth Communication for the Autonomous Mobile Minirobot Khepera

  62. Simplified Bluetooth device discovery - analysis and simulation

  63. Industrial applications of wireless networks: a bridge crane distributed control system based on Bluetooth

  64. Design of electronic hardware using VHDL described with the example of baseband and LMP layers in Bluetooth

  65. Packet and modulation type selection scheme based on channel quality estimation for Bluetooth evolution systems

  66. Bluetooth potential in the m-enterprise: a feasibility study

  67. An efficient link polling policy by pattern matching for Bluetooth piconets

  68. Secure connections in Bluetooth scatternets

  69. Packet interference in a heterogeneous cluster of Bluetooth piconets

  70. Capacity assignment on asymmetric Bluetooth link

  71. Protocols stack & connection establishment in Bluetooth radio

  72. RF Rendez-Blue: reducing power and inquiry costs in Bluetooth-enabled mobile systems

  73. Performance of a Bluetooth piconet in the presence of IEEE 802.11 WLANs

  74. Bluetooth scatternets: an enhanced adaptive scheduling scheme

  75. TCP performance evaluation during handover among Bluetooth network access points

  76. Wireless home networks based on a hierarchical Bluetooth scatternet architecture

  77. One-chip Bluetooth ASIC challenges

  78. Enhancing performance of asynchronous data traffic over the Bluetooth wireless ad-hoc

  79. Performance analysis of the Bluetooth physical layer

  80. A novel antenna solution for Bluetooth access point

  81. Performance of IEEE 802.11 WLANs in a Bluetooth environment

  82. Symmetric key insecurity in Bluetooth communication

  83. Enhanced Limited Round Robin with a Priority policy for Bluetooth

  84. Investigation and Performance Evaluation of different Bluetooth voice packets against ambient error conditions

  85. QoS aware CORBA Middleware for Bluetooth

  86. Multimedia transmission over interworking of Bluetooth WPAN and IEEE 802.11g WLAN networks

  87. Estimation of the impact of electromagnetic and co-channel interference on the Bluetooth receiver

  88. On-demand routing for Bluetooth scatternets subject to device mobility

  89. The information home appliance control system - a Bluetooth universal type remote controller

  90. Adaptive role switching protocols for improving scatternet performance in Bluetooth radio networks

  91. A fuzzy approach to video transmission over Bluetooth ACL links

  92. CodeBLUE: a Bluetooth interactive dance club system

  93. Time and energy efficient service discovery in Bluetooth

  94. Enhancing Bluetooth scheduler with predictive link capacity assignment plus multi-slot framing

  95. Bluetooth handover control for roaming system applications

  96. Impact of interference on a Bluetooth network in the 2.4 GHz ISM band

  97. Mobility support for Bluetooth public access

IEEE Standards


  1. 802.15.1-2005
    IEEE Std 802.15.1 - 2005 IEEE Standard for Information technology - Telecommunications and information exchange between systems - Local and metropolitan area networks - Specific requirements. - Part 15.1: Wireless medium access control (MAC) and physical layer (PHY) specifications for wireless personal area networks (WPANs), 2005, pp. 1-580

  2. Archive

  3. 802.15.1-2002
    IEEE Std 802.15.1 IEEE Standard for Information technology- Telecommunications and information exchange between systems- Local and metropolitan area networks- Specific requirements Part 15.1: Wireless Medium Access Control (MAC) and Physical Layer (PHY) Specifications for Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPANs), 2002, 01-03.

  4. Approved Draft

  5. P802.15.1/D6, 2004
    Approved Draft Standard for Information technology-- Telecommunications and information exchange between systems-- Local and metropolitan area networks-- Specific requirements Part 15.1REVa: Wireless Medium Access Control (MAC) and Physical Layer (PHY) Specifications for Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPANs) Replaced by IEEE 802.15.1-2005, 2004.

Online Resources on Bluetooth

  1. Bluetooth Tutorial - Specifications

  2. Bluetooth Special Interest Group

  3. How Bluetooth Works

  4. Bluetooth Blog

  5. The Unofficial Bluetooth Weblog

  6. Bluetooth Wireless Technology Articles

  7. Bluetooth Forum-Topix

  8. Bluetooth White Papers

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